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Study in Australia

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Australia is a magnificent country with the highest standard of living. For Ukrainians, it is far enough away, and we can say that we know little about it, especially when it comes to getting an education in this country. Are you thinking about getting an education abroad? Would you like to

Education cost in Australia

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According to HSBC, Australian education was considered the most expensive in the world. Nevertheless, there are as many foreign students here, if not more, than in such popular countries as the UK, Canada and the USA. Tuition fees here are calculated for individual subjects, which means they are different for

Australian higher education for foreigners

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Unfortunately, Australian higher education for foreigners is not cheap. Of course, the Australian government and universities offer special scholarships and grants for international students, but not everyone can actually get them. Studying at the Australian National University, the best university in the country, costs about $ 31,000 per year, and

The Australian National University (ANU)

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The Australian National University (ANU) is a national research university located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Its main campus in Acton includes seven teaching and research faculties, as well as several national academies and institutes. Founded in 1946, it is the only university to be established by the Australian

The right breakfast – what it should be and why it starts with dinner

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According to nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which will affect not only our well-being throughout the day, but also how well our brain and even our appetite will work. It is best to have breakfast within an hour after we wake up, but not

Top Libido Boosting Products

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Today we will look at products that can give you and your girlfriend sleepless nights. 1. First on the list we will look at the watermelon. It would seem, what is so special about him? This giant berry is a natural counterpart to Viagra. Thanks to its citrulline content, watermelon helps to

12 foods to boost your immune system

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Immunity serves a person to resist various diseases, including even cancer. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have strong immunity. You can strengthen it with the help of tempering and sports. But also do not forget about proper balanced nutrition. Now I will tell you about foods that help to strengthen

8 useful food combinations for different diseases + bonus at the end

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Each natural product is good in its own way and has its own set of useful properties. The trouble is that some products are absorbed so quickly that our product does not have time to extract these benefits. This is where partners come to the rescue – products that go well

The Corona epidemic

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The Corona epidemic exacerbated heart diseaseSARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19. SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Initially it was thought that the virus initially only affected the lungs, but now we know that there is hardly a part of the body that is not infected with

The recipe for becoming a leader!

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The recipe for becoming a leader! Leadership means a lot to many people. A person who becomes very powerful becomes a dictator to others. Ordinary people respect leaders who achieve great things. Their personal lives are also a source of respect for others. In real leadership, real leaders make