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As you know, Australia is not the cheapest country for a student. That is why many foreigners are interested in the possibility of obtaining scholarships and grants for education in this country.

In Australia, as in most countries, students can receive financial support from three sources:

  1. Australian government
  2. Australian Universities
  3. Foundations and various interested states

Let’s consider each of these options in more detail …

State scholarships

The Australian government annually provides US $ 18.78 million in scholarships and grants for international students. Different types of financial support are available to students depending on citizenship.

Endeavor International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (Endeavor IPRS)

Russian students in Australia can count on only one type of state scholarship – Endeavor International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (Endeavor IPRS). At the same time, only graduate and postgraduate students can receive such a scholarship, since it is issued exclusively to fund scientific work.

Each year 330 Endeavor IPRS scholarships are distributed to Australian universities, with each of the most prestigious universities usually receiving only about 30 scholarships for their students. Typically, scholarships for graduate students are up to US $ 111,283 and for PhD students up to US $ 214,584.

The Endeavor IPRS Fellowship is very difficult to obtain. The fact is that the number of international students at Australian universities is many times greater than the number of scholarships. In addition to the high requirements for applicants, this significantly increases competition in the distribution of scholarships.

The Endeavor IPRS Scholarship provides significant support to its holders, because it covers not only the costs of studying for a master’s or PhD, but also the cost of medical insurance for the entire period of study. In addition, after completing the degree, the graduate gets the opportunity to complete an additional internship in Australia for 2-12 months.

To qualify for a government scholarship in Australia, you must have a Bachelor’s degree with excellent grades and be admitted to a local university. In addition, the international student must have excellent academic record, leadership skills, and outstanding research potential in a particular field of science.

You can apply for a scholarship online on the official website. The deadline for applying for the scholarship changes annually and usually falls in late spring or early summer. So, the deadline for filing documents in 2016 falls on June 30.

Find out more about the scholarship here .

University Scholarships

For international students who are not eligible for a government scholarship, Australian universities also offer financial support programs.

These scholarships are awarded by Australian universities based on a student’s academic success, personality, specialization and active social position. Financial support from the university can be carried out in partial payment of a student’s studies or a lump sum payment of several thousand AUD. Some scholarships also cover the cost of student living or health insurance.

La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students

La Trobe University annually offers scholarships to the highest performing international undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarships are awarded for tuition fees for a maximum of 2 semesters. Their size is US $ 10,000-20,000.

Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Macquarie University also offers scholarships to high-performing international undergraduate and graduate students studying at the North Ryde campus. In awarding scholarships, preference is given to those studying engineering, environmental sciences, media, linguistics and pedagogy. The amount of the scholarships is US $ 7,738.

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

The University of Adelaide awards scholarships to the most successful undergraduate and doctoral research students. The scholarship covers tuition, living costs ($ 26,288 in 2016) and health insurance.

Scholarships from foundations and organizations

Various international foundations and organizations partnering with Australian universities also provide financial support to international student prospects.

As with government and university scholarships, third party scholarships are also awarded based on the student’s academic performance. In addition, his specialization plays an important role. Most organizations fund students studying in a specific field.

RSPCA Australia Alan White Scholarship for Animal Welfare Research

The RSPCA is dedicated to the protection and conservation of animals. It awards two scholarships annually to international undergraduate, graduate and PhD students from Australian universities.

The scholarship is awarded for original research in animal welfare. In this case, the student’s academic specialization does not matter, but it is important that the research project project is approved by the RSPCA. In 2016, the scholarship was US $ 8,670.

Find out more on the organization’s website .

Grape and Wine PhD Scholarship

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) awards scholarships to honors, graduate and PhD students in the wine industry, viticulture, and winemaking research.

Financial support is provided to students based on their academic merit, resume, research potential and intentions to work in the wine industry after graduation.

For honors students, the scholarship is up to US $ 5,634, and for graduate and PhD students up to US $ 28,173.

Find out more on the corporation website .

Other charitable foundations that provide scholarships to Russian students in Australia include Ford and the Rotary Foundation.

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