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Australia is a magnificent country with the highest standard of living. For Ukrainians, it is far enough away, and we can say that we know little about it, especially when it comes to getting an education in this country.

Are you thinking about getting an education abroad? Would you like to study in English and long distance is not an obstacle for you? Then we recommend paying attention to Australia, as this country has been among the top destinations for training for a very long time.

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  • Educational institutions in Australia
  • Australia’s education system
  • Study at Australian universities
  • How to enter a university in Australia?
  • How is studying in Australia going?
  • Reviews about studying in Australia
  • When does school start?
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  • Study in Australia for Ukrainians
  • Vocational education
  • Higher education

Educational institutions in Australia

The high quality of education is provided by the Australian Ministry of Education, it is it who issues the state accreditation of the Cricos Code to higher and secondary educational institutions. If an educational institution has such accreditation, it means that it meets all state standards.

All studies in Australia are conducted in English.

The Australian education system provides the following levels:

Secondary education:

  1. Primary School – Grades 1 – 7
  2. Secondary School – Grades 7-10
  3. Senior Secondary School – 10 – 12 grade

The Ministry of Education has identified 6 main skills that every Australian school graduate must master, they are especially important for life and work in the 21st century:

  • High literacy rate
  • Mathematical literacy
  • Development of communication skills
  • Development of critical and creative thinking
  • Development of personal qualities
  • Intercultural understanding

If you want to send your child to school, then he can start studying in Australia from any class, both in private and public schools, often foreign students go to study in grades 11-12. Schools are of a joint type, for boys or girls. Regardless of the type of school, the best option for children would be a boarding school, since there will be maximum attention to the child, and it will be easier for him to adapt and make new friends.

For enrollment, grades and knowledge of the English language are important, in some schools, entrance exams may be present.

Study at Australian universities

Graduating in Australia is definitely a good choice. The universities offer a huge variety of programs, including dual Bachelor’s programs. Most double bachelor’s degrees are offered in the following areas: humanities, commerce, law and exact sciences.

As mentioned earlier, studying at universities is quite difficult, therefore, Foundation preparatory programs have been specially created for international students, lasting from six months to a year. Students study not only academic English, but also several specialized subjects, which will form the basis of training for a bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of the Foundation program guarantees enrollment in 1 course.

It is possible to enter the university for a bachelor’s degree, as well as for a master’s degree, directly without a preparatory year. But it all depends on your academic background.

Bachelor’s admission:

Since admission to a bachelor’s degree at an Australian University requires 12 years of secondary education, there are 2 options for Ukrainian applicants:

Option 1: Admission to the Foundation program (1 year) after grade 11, then direct admission to the university.

Option 2: After grade 11, you need to study 1 or 2 years at a Ukrainian university and then enroll directly.

If you want to apply for a master’s degree, then you will need a Bachelor’s degree from a Ukrainian university.

How to enter a university in Australia?

Each university will have separate requirements, as well as separate requirements for different degrees and specialties. But there are also basic ones for everyone. Such as: certificate of knowledge of the IELTS language, diploma of education, letter of motivation, letters of recommendation. All other requirements must be found out directly from the selection committee.

Studying at the University of Australia is very interesting, the first year of study will always be the most difficult, but it is definitely worth studying in the beautiful Green Continent!

Who to go to study in Australia?

The strongest areas are:

  • Engineering and technology
  • Medicine and veterinary medicine
  • Ecology
  • Accounting and finance

These directions are especially in demand and are considered the highest paid in the country.

I would like to pay special attention to medical education in Australia. It occupies very high positions in the world rankings and has an excellent reputation.

Medical education is quite complicated and expensive, but graduates have a real chance of staying and working in Australia by profession. Quite often, medical education in Australia is compared with the United States and Great Britain, wondering where is the best medicine student? Definitely, all these countries are very strong in this specialization, but as statistics show, today it is more realistic to find a job in this specialty in Australia. Since after the reorganization of the health care system, medical institutions are in dire need of highly qualified personnel.

Therefore, if you want to study as a nurse, doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or any other profession related to medicine, Australia is definitely an excellent choice!

Also quite popular is training in the areas of psychology, and creative specialties, for example, architecture and design.

But if you’re interested in a different industry, don’t be discouraged as Australian universities offer high-quality programs in other areas as well, from law studies to cook studies.

It’s easy to get confused in such a variety of programs, but we will try to find the perfect one for you!

I want to study in Australia

Is it hard to study in Australia? Studying for Ukrainians in Australian universities will be quite difficult, the main barrier is the language and the difference in teaching methods.

What do you need to study in Australia?

  1. Whatever degree you apply for, you must have a high level of language , so that from the first days of study you can fully immerse yourself in your studies and minimize the adaptation time.
  2. Motivation and desire. You need to prepare for the fact that training will take 80% of your free time, especially for 1 year of study. It will be difficult enough, but strong motivation and desire will help you get through this difficult year and continue your further education.
  3. Financial component. The student or his parents must clearly calculate the amount that will be spent on living and studying per year. It is advisable to calculate these costs to the maximum, excluding scholarships. Since the scholarships are extended only in case of excellent academic performance.

How is studying in Australia going?

The education system in Australia is fundamentally different from the Ukrainian one, and at first, our students will be rather unusual. The main distinguishing feature will be that the student independently makes his own schedule and chooses subjects for study. The schedule includes “required items” and “optional items”. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, you will need to devote a lot of time to independent work.

Professors and teachers try to find contact with students as much as possible, so many lectures and seminars are held in a relaxed atmosphere so that the student does not feel constrained and can ask questions of interest without hesitation. Many students note a special free atmosphere, and the lack of a feeling that the teacher puts himself above the students. Therefore, returning to the question “is it difficult to study in Australia”, we will answer – yes, it’s not easy at first, but the teachers will maximally facilitate the assimilation of the material and help with any questions. Numerous student reviews show that despite all the difficulties, Australia is definitely one of the best countries to study in terms of comfort and quality of teaching.

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