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Corona virus: Educational institutions will open in Pakistan from September 15. What precautions will be taken when schools open?
It was decided at the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference chaired by Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood on Monday that public and private educational institutions would be opened across Pakistan from September 15. However, students of each class will not be called to school immediately from September 15.
In the first phase, ninth, tenth and intermediate students will be called to the school from September 15. One week later, on September 22, eighth-graders will be allowed to come to school. In the third phase, all primary school children will go to school from September 30.
Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood while addressing a press conference said that it is important to monitor the health of children so they will review the situation for seven days and then in the next phase they will call the next class children to school.
“However, we will have an idea of ​​where the situation and the spread of the disease are going, as we have 7 million students in higher education,” he said. Once satisfied, the rest of the education system will be able to open.
Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood said that all these decisions would be applicable to all types of teaching process in all the provinces, including schools as well as madrassas. “This is a very difficult decision and we have made this decision with a lot of thought and success will come only when we all play our part together,” he added.
Regarding SOPs, Dr. Faisal Sultan, Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination, said:
• Half the number of children will be seated in a classroom, for example, if 40 children study in a class, 20 children will come one day and 20 children will be called to school the next day.
* Social distance will be adopted to prevent the spread of the disease.
• He asked children and parents to come to school wearing masks, even if it is a cloth mask.
He urged children to wash their hands at school and said that the administration of educational institutions would have to ensure this ban.
“Despite all these precautions, we will look into the situation and there will be testing and screening every two weeks in collaboration with the health department,” he said.
Instructions for parents
According to instructions issued by the National Command and Control Center:
* Send school masks to children.
مت Do not send a child to school if they have a cough or symptoms.
* If the condition worsens, get the child’s corona tested immediately, and if the test is positive, report it to the school.
Decision regarding universities
Ayesha Ikram, a spokeswoman for the Higher Education Commission (HEC), told the BBC that the HEC had asked university heads to formulate policies in a timely and clear manner according to the conditions of their institution. Inform university members and students in style.
He added that all universities must implement SOPs to prevent the virus. However, the university itself will decide which year of students they want to call the university and who they want to teach online.
However, the HEC has suggested that:
* Students who are in their final year or who are doing research work should be given priority in calling the university.
* Children who do not have access to the Internet should also be allowed to come to the university.
* Children who are allowed to come to the university on priority basis for various reasons should also be allowed to stay in hostels.
Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass, while quoting educational institutions, said that double shift would not be allowed in any of the schools across Punjab. Students from all parties will be called on alternate days to ensure implementation of SOPs and precautions.
In addition, all schools in Punjab will be required to ensure the implementation of the directives issued by the government, for which the School Education Department has already constituted committees for inspection and monitoring.
On the other hand, according to Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani, schools will be opened in Sindh in phases. Strict action will also be taken against educational institutions which do not comply with S&Ps. However, if there is an increase in cases of corona virus in an area, schools in the area will be closed.
How can children avoid corona in schools where water is not available?
Preventing or preventing the spread of corona virus in educational institutions can be difficult if a large number of schools do not have access to water and there are many schools without toilets.
If we take the example of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone, there is no water available in 6,500 schools and no toilets in 5,000 schools. The situation in other provinces of Pakistan is no better.
The Corona virus epidemic in Pakistan has definitely come down but it is not over yet. It is a big challenge for the authorities to open educational institutions with precautionary measures or SOPs.
SOPs or precautionary instructions are being issued to open educational institutions, but how these instructions will be implemented is currently being considered at the education department and government level.
Although at the federal level

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