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According to HSBC, Australian education was considered the most expensive in the world. Nevertheless, there are as many foreign students here, if not more, than in such popular countries as the UK, Canada and the USA.

Tuition fees here are calculated for individual subjects, which means they are different for each student. Australian universities usually post the cost of individual courses on their websites so that students can calculate how much they will need to pay.

There is one more peculiarity: foreign students of Australian universities pay tuition fees once a year – at the very beginning of the academic year. At the same time, Australia offers many scholarships and financial support programs specifically for foreigners.

Why Study in Australia?


The cost of undergraduate studies in Australia varies by institution and specialization. On average, students pay around US $ 13,551 – 29,812 per year. But there are also more expensive programs, for example, in the field of veterinary medicine and medicine.

The rates for a year of study, depending on specialization, at the University of Melbourne in the 2014/2015 academic year were:

Humanities – US $ 23,423 – 26,665

Biomedicine – US $ 29,256 – 31,258

Finance – US $ 29,310 – 31,388

Science – US $ 28,551 – 31,713

At Bond University, by contrast, the tuition fees are the same for all students, regardless of nationality and citizenship. For example, the total cost of an undergraduate program that includes 24 subjects in Business, Humanities, Health, Social Sciences and Architecture is in the order of US $ 86,336. Tuition for an undergraduate program in law at Bond University costs US $ 115,115, and in medicine or surgery US $ 286,481.

Grants and Scholarships in Australia

Master’s degree

At the graduate level, as well as at the undergraduate level, each Australian university sets its own tuition fees. On average, a year of master’s studies costs about US $ 18,068-US $ 33,426. Programs that require specialized equipment cost more. These programs include courses in dentistry and medicine. At the same time, studying for PhD programs in Australia, on average, costs US $ 12,648 – 33,426.

The rates for the year of study, depending on the specialization, at the Australian National University are:

Humanities – US $ 27,202

MBA – US $ 28,541

Finance, Law – US $ 28,541

Engineering Science – US $ 27,202

Australia offers a range of scholarships, funding programs and research grants to international students from universities and governments. It is important to note that funding is provided to students on a competitive basis, so it is worth exploring all available opportunities as early as possible and applying for a scholarship.

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